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Ethically Responsible

To create an Ethically Responsible business driven by Ambition, Accountability, Negotiation Skills, paired with a generous dose of social consciousness and responsibility.

Leveraging Relationships

Become a partner of choice by leveraging on the relationships that we already have in the marketplace and offer value to all our clients.

Align Business Functionality

Integrate and align all business functionality with commercial & risk management input and output practice driven by its succession resource plan dedicated to a profit focused delivery.

Develop Business Intelligence

Develop and implement business intelligence tools for project based construction projects aimed at increased efficiency and waste reduction and the cultivation of project, construction...



LUBOCON CIVILS is a Civil Engineering company operating in the field of major Civil Engineering. The company was founded in 2009 as a Plant Hire business and made the conversion to construction and civil engineering in 2014; it is the midst of this very uncertain and difficult time that the idea of LUBOCON Civils was pursued. A number of major construction businesses were finding it difficult to remain operationally and financially viable; quite a few had opted for business rescue and some unfortunately were not able to survive and were subsequently liquidated. It is in these difficult times that the idea of LUBOCON Civils came about after identifying a few opportunities in the market that remained unexploited...

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