Ethically Responsible

To create an Ethically Responsible business driven by Ambition, Accountability, Negotiation Skills, paired with a generous dose of social consciousness and responsibility.

Leveraging Relationships

Become a partner of choice by leveraging on the relationships that we already have in the marketplace and offer value to all our Clients.

Align Business Functionality

Integrate and align all business functionality with commercial & risk management input and output practice driven by its succession resource plan dedicated to a profit focused delivery through best practice intervention during Project Initiation, Project Pre-Planning, Project Execution wherein change management principles mitigate dispute resolution through collaborative stakeholder involvement culminating in successful close out of businesses operations ensuring Customer Satisfaction at all times.

Develop Business Intelligence

Develop and implement business intelligence tools for project based construction projects aimed at increased efficiency and waste reduction and the cultivation of project, construction and risk management capabilities to continuously improve performance and maximize profit whilst delivering value to our clients

Our Journey


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a sustainable construction entity for this and many generations. We want to become a household name in the construction sector by offering significant value to our clients. We want to be a socially responsible business that will contribute to the greater good of the people of South Africa. We want to be a significant contributor to the South African economy and the greater continent of Africa

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver projects within the allocated time and budget. Lubocon Civils & Earthworks is committed to carry out work without compromise on quality, health, safety and environment. We want to increase our competitiveness through proper planning and operating efficiently. We want to transfer skills and develop the SMME’s to the level where they can manage their own projects. We want our growth and success to be seen as a living testimony to all the emerging contractors in the industry. We want to create the brand which is recognized all around the world, hence attractive to overseas investors.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to be able to create an organization with a potential for Growth and sustainability, we want to create an organization with a culture of accountability amongst all our people, our focus will definitely not shift from profitability. With all these considered we strongly believe that our people are of utmost importance and we will take an aggressive stance in training and development across all departments. Client satisfaction will also be taken into serious consideration. We want our success to add value not only to ourselves but also our local communities, local business communities, the youth, women and the disabled so that we are able to assist the government as well in their sustainable development and wealth distribution priorities.s

Our Team